Matt Fraction sends ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ on nameworthy voyage, fills their place with oddity.

How can you replace Jonathan Hickman on Fantastic Four? You can’t, you turkey! Not even Matt Fraction will fill that void for me, and ya’ll know that is saying something. Matt Fraction. Gorgeous head of hair, lovely sets of stories. Not even he can saddle up to Fantastic Four without me screaming “Not my Dad! Dammit!” What I am very excited for is the sister title FF, which seems to be going in a brilliantly Fractionian direction.

Comics Alliance:

Fraction will be joined by Ultimate Spider-Man co-creator Mark Bagley on Fantastic Four, as the two send the Richards family (along with Uncle Johnny and Uncle Ben, of course) on a road trip across time and space for what’s being called an “epic historical lesson.” “If they’re studying ancient Rome, then by God let’s go have lunch with Caesar on the Ides of March. If they’re looking at the Big Bang, they’re going to watch it from the front row.”

During the road trip, which is planned to last a year, their place in the Marvel Universe will be taken by a hand-picked replacement team, who’ll be taking over the FF book with art by Mike Allred. That team will include Ant-Man, Medusa, She-Hulk and a brand new character called “Miss Thing,” who Fraction describes as a “Lohan-esque celebutante blonde” wearing armor that replicates the strength and appearance of Ben Grimm. “She’s the overwhelmed ‘Whaaa?’ of it all,” the writer explained.

Fraction is aiming high with the two books; in addition to Lee and Kirby, he name drops Pixar as an influence on his thinking for the two. “I feel like one of the best Fantastic Four stories was The Incredibles, and I want to take that back. It’s so arrogant to say, but it should have been us. We should have done that,” he told USA Today. “If this could be the Pixar version of the Fantastic Four, something that everyone can enjoy, not just our medium 30-year-old white-dude reader, I’d be happy.”

Both Fantastic Four and FF launch in November.