The ‘PARKS AND REC’ Cast As DC SUPERHEROES By Vicky Ryan Rules

Vicky Ryan has gone and done up the cast of Parks and Rec as DC superheroes. This move answers the seemingly impossible question, “What could make Ron Swanson bad ass?”, to which I would have previously said nothing.

Comics Alliance:
Leslie Knope truly is a hero for the ages. Relentlessly upbeat, able to function on shockingly little sleep, with a craftiness far beyond normal humans and a heart as big as Indiana, Leslie is truly one of pop culture’s great superwomen and deserves to be immortalized as such. Illustrator Vicky Ryan has taken the warm civil servants from from NBC’s Parks and Recreation and dressed them up as members of the Justice League.

Ryan is studying studio art at the University of Idaho, with an emphasis on printmaking, graphic design and photography. She’s getting plenty of use out of her illustration skills with this series of Justice League/Parks and Rec portraits, although they need a touch more April Ludgate. I’m not sure I’m sold on Leslie as Robin to Ron Swanson’s Batman, although I can’t deny Ron Swanson as a hard-drinking version of the Dark Knight.