Microsoft Issues Takedown Notices Over XBOX 720 Document. Validity ++, No?

Microsoft is dropping off takedown notices at the doors of websites hosting that leaked Microsoft Xbox 720 Wowzers document. Nothing screams “validityconfirmed!” like the Corporo-Pigs telling people to take that shit down.


On Saturday, a 56-page document that may or may not have been a real 2012 Microsoft plan for their next-gen Xbox. Hoax? Real?

It appeared on the document-hosting service Scribd, which was served with a takedown notice that same day by a law firm that has done work for Microsoft.

Today brings reports via The Verge that other outlets, including a Czech tech site and cloud-based file-sharing service DropBox, have been served takedown notices by Microsoft and removed the document. The notices claim the document is copyrighted by Microsoft.

We’ve checked with Microsoft to confirm that they did this and explain why, because it certainly will fuel speculation that the document was real.

The lengthy plan for the so-called Xbox 720 was supposedly authored in 2010 but forecast services such as the newly-announced SmartGlass, outlined the potential for a new Xbox and Kinect, augmented-reality glasses called Fortaleza and even forecasted the introduction of cloud gaming to the Xbox in the year 2015. We have much more about the contents of the document in our Saturday report.

Some key elements, including Blu-Ray support and an estimated six-fold increase in horsepower for the new console over the 360 square with what we’ve previously reported based on conversations with people familiar with Microsoft’s next-gen plans.

Our best sources who are familiar with the goings on in the gaming industry say that the document does not include all of the important parts of Microsoft’s strategy for its next console, which is codenamed Durango. So even if this document is real, it’s out of date.

So there’s that.