Michael Bay-Powered ‘NINJA TURTLES’ Movie Pushed Until 2014 Over Script Issues. Go F**king Figure.

Michael Bay movie is being pushed back because of script issues? This truly is the year of the Mayan apocalypse.


And you thought the title was an issue. Months after controversy surrounded the Platinum Dunes remake of Ninja Turtles, sans the Teenage Mutant, Paramount has just put the film on hold, delaying its December 2013 release day until at least May 2014. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the issue is, what else? The script. Does that mean the turtles will be teenage mutants once again? Read more after the jump.

The Hollywood Reporter story first suggested the film was put on “indefinite” hiatus. Then another source said the delay was ten weeks followed by a third who said the release had been pushed six months. With Paramount offering no comment, we’re left in the dark to specifics. Pre-production had already begun on the film in Vancouver, though, and all of those people have been “temporarily laid off.”

Bummer for the people laid off. Awesome for the rest of us.