‘DIABLO 3’ In Full RETINA DISPLAY GLORY Or; F**k You New MacBook Pro

Diablo 3 is going to be rocking out in retinal display on the new MacBook Pro. I don’t exactly know what the absurd resolution looks like, I just know I want it.


Apple revealed its new next-gen MacBook Pro laptops at the WWDC keynote today, showing off Diablo III to demonstrate the machine’s powerful new Retina Display.

Apple’s newest laptop will have a 2880 x 1800 resolution, a quad-core i7 running up to 2.7GHz, up to 16GB RAM, GeForce Kepler graphics, and up to 768GB internal flash storage. It will weigh just under 4.5 lbs and ship with a 15″ screen.

The graphics card is a GeForce GT 650M, which is certainly powerful enough to run games likeDiablo III and even The Witcher 2, which is hitting Mac this fall.

The next-gen MacBook Pro will start at a whopping $2,199—and that’s just the lowest-end model.

My goodness.