New ‘STAR WARS’ Game Is Called ‘STAR WARS: 1313’, We All Yawn.

Remember when I told you how like every iteration of Star Wars 1313  was registered as a domain name? Well, now we know what all of those registrations shall be be for. New Star Wars  game! Wee! ‘Cause the last whatever how many since KOTOR  haven’t been mediocre enough for us.


A brand new  Star Wars  game has made its debut tonight on GTTV. It’s called  Star Wars: 1313.

And…we don’t know much else.

Some concept art was glimpsed, some mention made of it being in third-person and news that you’ll be playing as a bounty hunter. Apparently 1313 is the name of the place the game is set in.

What they wouldn’t say was, well, anything else. Lucasarts wouldn’t even say which bounty hunter you’ll be playing as.

In short, then, we know almost nothing more  than we knew this morning, when all we got was a name.