The Wasp Was Almost An AVENGER; That’s What Sequels Are For?

Janet Van Dyne has a rough go of it. Abused by Hank Pym, dying in multiple universes, getting cut out of flicks even as they were beginning to film.

Comics Alliance:

In a piece from the New York Daily News  about  Marvel’s The Avengers  – to give the movie its full, official U.S. title – it was revealed that Van Dyne, one of the two comic book founding Avengers to be missing from the movie alongside Ant-Man, was in an earlier version of the script for the movie, even before Joss Whedon got involved:

There was a version of the script, back when Johansson wasn’t involved, that featured a female superhero named the Wasp. Whedon had to scrap that script, and was making changes to his final version even as the effects people were starting work on the 40-minute battle that closes the movie. “Trying to figure out the way you want to introduce all those characters, that was stuff we were still tweaking in the edit,” says Whedon.

Most interesting piece? The fact that they were working on the final battle before Whedon even finished his script.