‘AVENGERS’ Assembled At TARGET Out Of Consumer Nonsense

One of the great things about Target is that you can walk out of the joint having spent $200 on absolutely nothing. A shitty DVD, some razors, an action figure, jelly beans, Diet Dew, and all of a sudden you’re poor. Riffing on this idea that the establishment truly is a Palace for Mindless Crap is this Avengers ¬†advertising campaign. The Avengers! Built from nonsense! For a spectacle movie. It all comes together.

Comics Alliance:

A new Target ad campaign titled “A Superhero in Every Aisle” has assembled the Avengers from a wide variety of household objects, ranging from action figures to pencils to an inordinate number of Dr. Pepper cans with their logos prominently on display. Product placement… too strong… to resist! Much like the recent line of super-cool kids toys, the ad campaign unfortunately omits the only female member of the line-up (along with Hawkeye), so I guess we’ll never know what Scarlett Johansson would look like if she were made out of golf balls and iPods. Read on to the see the rest, which are admittedly pretty cool-looking.