MEL GIBSON Joins ‘MACHETE KILLS’, Robert Rodriguez Plays With Fire.

How do you top something as absurd as Machete? You cast Hollywood’s least favorite  misogynist/anti-Semite  in the sequel and pray you can film the movie before they finally finish self-imploding.

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We presume Robert Rodriguez didn’t keep him waiting around for the script (ZING). Just over a week since it was reported that Rodriguez wanted Mel Gibson for a role in “Machete Kills,” it looks like he got him.

Deadline reports that Gibson “is in” for a part in the upcoming sequel, which should briefly distract from the controversy about the whole Joe Eszterhas/still-an-anti-Semite/probably-needs-a-therapist/should-stay-on-the-pills controversy that flared up (again) earlier this month. It’s also a nice way for Gibson to remind everyone that his upcoming, old school flavored action vehicle “Get The Gringo” is going to VOD next month. Maybe this will all build to remind people that Gibson is still a great entertainer? Maybe. At least until he yells at someone next. But he surely isn’t wasting time in trying to rehab his image.

I haven’t seen the original Machete, though I’m certain I’ll like it. It is the very sort of self-conscious nonsense/slop that I thrive on. I imagine I’ll like this ridiculous sequel as well. Too insane to either not rock, or entertain as it vomits all over itself.