Update On ‘AVENGERS’ Additional Scene That Was Shot Post-Premiere.

Funny friggin’ stuff, Joss Whedon and the gang shooting a scene for Avengers  after  the fucking premiere. Kevin Feige was initially pissed that RDJ let it out of the bag. Then he said it didn’t happen. Now he’s saying it did happen. But! It’s not a scene. It’s a…something.


The Avengers flood gates are about to bust wide open with the film opening overseas next week and in the U.S. the week after. Our coverage of the film is about to start too, including a full review, exclusive interviews with star Chris Hemsworth, director Joss Whedon and producer Kevin Feige.

Speaking of the latter, the president of Marvel Studios, so quick to deny that an additional scene from the film was being shot last week, has finally admitted it happened and even given a better idea of what was shot. Read his quote after the jump.

Here’s Feige’s quote thanks to Blogomatic 3000 (via Bleeding Cool) :

I will tell you this: It was not a scene. It was not a scene. There’s little things. It’s been blown out of proportion. Which is fun, I like that things are blown out of proportion. Sometimes they’re true sometimes they’re not.

He continued:

There is the potential that there will be one little change. People might not even notice it. It’s not a big thing.

I ain’t buying this. I ain’t buying it. Something is afoot. I’m still calling post-credits.