‘GEARS OF WAR’ Kinect Title Is CANCELLED. Oh God! Wait. Who F**king Cares.

Oh Gods! Oh Fuck! The Gears of War  title that was going to fart all over Kinect technology is cancelled. The wall of darkness falls in around me, and not even my loudest voice commands can save me.


Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski says unannounced franchise entry rumored to be on-rails Kinect game has been canned.

Gears of War: Exile will never be. Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski told GameSpot today that the rumored Kinect project is no longer in development at the Cary, North Carolina-based studio.

“Let’s just bury the hatchet now,” he said. “Gears of War: Exile was an unannounced game that I can’t give any details about that has since been cancelled.”

They must have figured out that the nine year-old  who plays Kinect Tickle Kitty probably wasn’t going to be wanting to buy this game.