NASA made a 30MB gif of the Texas tornadoes. My browser weeps.

Holy fucking it's a twister, Dorothy!

I was at work, rendering a 3D model of the thalamus, when I heard about the Texas tornadoes. Well, to be fair, my co-worker came tripping into my desk and exclaimed, “TORNADOES ARE THROWING 18-WHEELERS IN THE AIR LIKE FUCKING GRADUATION CAPS.” Now that is a statement that buys you ten minutes of my undivided attention.

I saw the video on MSNBC of the semis in question, and the entire time I kept saying, “Ho shit, Aeolus is gonna choke a bitch.” (Fuck you, I’m Greek so I get to say shit like that.) The obviously bored animators over at NASA  created a 30MB gif of the storms, showing just how ridiculous in size and scope those fucking twisters were. The geniuses at Gizmodo, however, made a video of that gif, which can be seen HERE.

Honestly, NASA, 6 out of 10 on the gif. It would’ve been an automatic 10 if you’d stuck the 18-wheelers in there.