Yesterday Was “ATARI NATIONAL PAC-MAN DAY”. Finally A Sensible Holiday.

I knew yesterday felt special. Normally whenever there’s holiday, my taint grease gets a bit thicker. It’s the excitement. I just couldn’t figure out why  yesterday felt special, why  the grease was congealing so quickly. Now I do! Fucking Pac-Man Wow Day!


Thirty Years ago today, Atari had the balls to proclaim an entire day, hoping to lift its iconic Pac-Man character alongside the likes of other people who have their own day. Like, you know, Martin Luther King. And Jesus.

The fact it was only celebrated by video game fans and Atari employees for that one year says a lot about their efforts, but hey, you’ve got to at least commend them for thinking big with their PR.

Atari National PAC-MAN Day was minted to celebrate the home console release of the arcade classic. To Atari’s credit, they actually put on a bit of a show, holding public events at certain locations with things like competitions and the chance for kids to shake hands with a man dressed in an uncomfortable Pac-Man outfit.