More Movies Will Be STREAMED Than Watched On Disc In 2012. Tangibility Weeps.

This is the year that more movies will be streamed than watched on disc. It is a frightening development for Tangibility, who tries to persuade us with promises of discs clogging up media racks and trips to the store that we don’t want to make.


According to researchers from IHS Screen Digest, 3.4 billion movies will be streamed online this year, more than double the 1.4 billion in 2011. And those are just the legal ones. Not only that, it is projected that only 2.4 billion movies will be watched on disc. So long, physical media…

Joking aside, I do buy the rare movie these days. It takes a damn solid flick and a moment of weakness for me to do it, but it happens. In comparison, I’m often working the Netflix streaming like a mofuckah. Getting all the buzz out of that son of a bitch that I can.