New iPad Sales Top 3 MILLION Over Weekend. Retinal (Display) Popping.

Apple continues to have an absolute right to  just keep  printing  money at their own leisure. At this point I think their marketing campaigns for new products could consist of “Fuck you, buy this” and “We’re fucking Apple”, and it wouldn’t slow them down in the eyes of their legions (of which I am a more resistant follower).


Apple’s new iPad(3) has sold over three million units since going on sale last Friday. It was estimated that the iPad 2 had a million sales during its launch weekend last year. According to the Cupertino corporation, this is the “strongest iPad launch yet.”

It’s an impressive start for the tablet, which also moonlights as a gaming device, when not handling Netflix, Twitter updates, email or silly executives trying to take notes using the virtual keyboard. To compare with dedicated gaming handhelds: Sony announced the PlayStation Vita reached 1.2 million sales shortly after its launch in the States and Europe. Nintendo announced in January that the 3DS reached 15 million sales globally in 2011; regionally it reached 4.5 million units in the States on its first birthday.

Anyone here snag it? Care to compare it to the iPad 2?