New ‘PROMETHEUS’ Photo Is All About The Space Jockey

Yo, yo, yo. Here’s another picture from Prometheus, with some speculation on what (double rainbow!) it could all mean in relation to the space jockey goodness.

Pic and speculation past spoiler-friendly jump!


A lovely new still from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus has a lot of folks talking about what’s really going on here – and we think we know why.

After visiting the official Weyland Corp. website – you met Peter Weyland last week in that faux 2023 TED Talk – a few ARG sleuths uncovered this gorgeous shot of what appears to be the Space Jockey’s throne room.

Indeed, we’ve seen this image before in the trailer, but this gorgeous high-resolution image offers even clearer details. I think we can confirm now that this is clearly the Space Jockey throne room, where we spotted the creepy pasty humanoid creature slinking around. We can also basically confirm that this is clearly Charlize Theron standing in the middle of the holographic map. But what is she learning?