Jonathan Hickman LEAVING ‘Fantastic Four’, S’all Good. Dude Dominated.

Johnny Hickman is leaving me. Straight-up leaving Ultimate Comics Ultimates Time  soon (though giving way to Sam fucking Humphries) and now he’s also announced that he’s leaving Fantastic Four.

Comics Alliance:

 Marvel Comics  has confirmed that writer  Jonathan Hickman  will  conclude his work  on the publisher’sFantastic Four  and  FF  titles later this year. As demonstrated by  David Uzumeri’s ongoing annotations, Hickman and his artistic collaborators’ work with the characters created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee has been especially rich and compelling, and the writer’s penchant for epic and meticulously plotting made Marvel franchise one of the company’s most popular.

“I always had an end point in mind, but along the way I really fell in love with writing Marvel’s First Family and I also had all these dangling bits to clean up, so I agreed-[and] wanted-to stay on,” Hickman told’s  Ben Morse. “Then all the gears started turning on all the [Avengers Vs. X-Men] stuff and what comes after and it just became obvious that October would be a good time to hop off.”

Hickman’s mega-story wraps up with October’s  Fantastic Four  #611 and  FF  #23.

I’m remarkably at peace with this. Dude entered into Fantastic Four  an unknown quantity to me, and will depart it as one of my favorite writers. It’s been a hell of a ride, and I’m content with him tying together all his strings and then throwing up the peace sign.