Video: ‘Super Mario World’ Lowest Score Ever Run.

Fuck speed runs! Fuck high-score runs! This is the new-new black. Duder here scores the lowest score ever in Super Mario World, and of course he’s captured his impressive banality on the YouTube. It’s pretty intense.

Hit the jump for the video and the particulars.


Everyone’s heard about high score runs, but how about the opposite? In this video, NicoNico Douga user Haru@Yotsuba sets out to get the lowest possible score in  Super Mario World  on the SNES.  Mario World  becomes a very different game in this challenge, where killing Koopa Troopa or breaking a brick is the same as failure. But not content with this already insane challenge, he added a few more rules:

Rule 1: Must be played on an actual SNES.
Rule 2: Must not redo or quit any level half way through.
Rule 3: Must play as Luigi.
Rule 4: Must never be hit.
Rule 5: Must not pick up any coins.
Rule 6: Must not pass the goal with more than one second remaining.