Google Plans To Snatch 2.25 Percent Of Every iPhone Sale. Patents ++

Thanks to some serious patent acquisitions from buying Motorola, Google now intends to gobble up 2.25 percent of ever iPhone sold in Europe. Yeah, like this is going anywhere but court. Get your fucking popcorn ready.


There have been plenty of legal wranglingsbetween Motorola and Apple, and withGoogle buying Motorola  that  doesn’t show signs of stopping. Now, Google plans to grab 2.25 per cent of every iPhone sale because of the patents it owns through the purchase of Moto.

CNN Money reports that, in a letter  sent to IEEE by Google, the search giant intends to ask for the “maximum per-unit royalty of 2.25 per cent” in the EU, that Motorola has tried to demand from Apple in the past. As if  allegedly stealing the idea for Android from Apple  wasn’t enough in the first place, eh?

Make no mistake, Google is just as big a Corporo-Douche as Apple. They just have a less fanatical cult. The two of them slugging it out, until they eventually combine their powers like Macho Man and Hulk Hogan, thereby thrashing the rest of us First World People under their SkyNet Ninja Assassin cloak.