AMC Making ‘GoodFellas’ TV Series. Yet, Rubicon Died.

Invariably, everything that AMC does from here on out that pisses me off is going to be contrasted with their decision to let Rubicon die. Walking Dead sucks!, Rubicon died. The Killing sucks!, Rubicon died. They’re making a fucking GoodFellas TV show!…Rubicon died.

Indie Wire:

Deadline reports that AMC, home to a few shows you might have heard of like “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad,” have now put the program in development with Jorge Zamacona (“Homicide: Life On The Streets”) joining the writing team. David Winkler and Warner Bros. are also throwing their producing muscle behind the project (though Scorsese’s name seems curiously absent), and while plot details haven’t been revealed, it’s long been expected that the show will follow Henry Hill’s time in witness protection. At least that was the general premise back when it was being pitched to HBO a few years ago, who eventually passed, though it may have changed shape by then.

But this is pretty much a no brainer. “GoodFellas” is a contemporary classic, one of the cable staples now that you hate coming across while channel surfing because it usually means you miss out on sleep/waste an afternoon watching it through until the end. It’s influence and stature are undeniable, and people are gonna want to see more from that world. The talent behind this thing is solid, and it seems like it can’t miss. And those are exactly the reasons why expecations are going to be sky high on this, so AMC and co. have a big bar to reach.

Me? I don’t give a shit about that movie or this dumb forthcoming TV show. My bitterness, it runs deep.

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