SWTOR Bans Players For Like, Playing The Game.

I don’t know where Ilum is in SWTOR, but I shouldn’t be going to that fuckin’ place. No way. Not under level 40. If I go there, I’m going to get the Ban Hammer ┬áthunderously dropped on my ass.


I find it hard to believe that any of this is the fault of the player, however. If a similar way to get high level loot existed in a single-player game, would it be classified as a damaging exploit, or simply a good money making method? Ultimately, the game itself is allowing this “exploit” to happen, with no cracking, breaking, or even bending required. You visit a planet, get gear, and make money. The containers aren’t even restricted by level — the most basic and obvious answer to this whole situation.

BioWare needs to fix that, rather than just ban anyone for the crime of doing what MMOs expect them to do — grind and loot.

In a shocking turn of events, I also agree with Jim Sterling’s assessment of the nonsense. Fix your fucking game, BioWare.