Infographic: Comics on the 2011 New York Times Bestseller List!

Infographics! They’re swank as fuck, distilling information into little morsels our ADD brains can handle. Simple info! Colors! Check out a neat one about the comics on the New York Times Bestseller list this year.

Comics Alliance:

As the final days of the year wind inexorably down, ComicsAlliance continues its year-end wrapup with a series of infographics about comics in 2011 by Wired Art Director (and former Comic Foundry Editor-in-Chief) Tim Leong, who previously graced ComicsAlliance with his charts summing up Comic-Con 2011. Leong returns today with an astonishing visual summary of the comics and graphics novels that made their way to the New York Times bestseller list this year, indexed by publisher, genre, and staying power.