Rumor: ‘Dead Space’ Goes FPS, Dragon Age Goes Multiplayer. Generic Conventions, GET.

Dead Space goes FPS? Surely you jest! Dragon Age going multiplayer? Battle in the one dungeon they designed for DA2! To the death!


According to  Kotaku, a number of big announcements may be coming from Electronic Arts in the near future, including word that  Dragon Age  will be getting a multiplayer mode. The arena-based game will feature playable dragons and make use of DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine, claims the gossip.

It’s unsure if the mode will be its own game or part of  Dragon Age 3, but it furthers EA’s apparent plans to put multiplayer into everything. If it’s true, of course.

There’s also a lot of talk about  Dead Space  and yet more plans to expand the brand like crazy. It’s been said that a fully-fledged first-person shooter could be on the way, as well as a game based around piloting spacecraft. This would be in addition to  Dead Space 3, which will feature co-op (sigh), and a new project called “Uncharted  in Space.”

It’s been said that  Dead Space 3  almost got canceled because the last game was not exactly as successful as  Uncharted.  That’s EA for you, too busy looking side-to-side and not enough time spent looking at itself. That company needs to stop with the jealous glances and actually concentrate on not being the game industry’s biggest glans.

I don’t really give a shit either way about Dragon Age, but I balk at the idea of Dead Space going first-person shooter. It holds it down rather well as-is, and frankly I love staring at Isaac Clarke’s gorgeous salt-and-pepper hair. Dead Space 2 was my prior-to-Skyrim favorite game of the past twelve months. Don’t mess with the formula! I beg.