Monday Morning Commute: Iroquois Fistfight

All hands on deck! We’re approaching terminal velocity on Spaceship Omega, hurtling towards the end of the workweek at breakneck speed! Ah hell, we should’ve recalibrated the autopilot! The social contract allows for an early reprieve from indentured servitude this week, and now we’re rocketing ahead at a rate that’s virtually guaranteeing a crash landing.

Brace yourself! We’re going to smash right into Planet Thanksgiving, and our survival is dependent on the ability to craft entertainment-cushions.

Luckily, this here’s the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE! In this Monday feature, I show off the various bits of enjoyment I’ll be using to try to make life awesome. Then, your job is to hit up the comments and share your wares.

It’s internet show and tell. And we love it.


Feelin’/Weightless (Animals as Leaders)

To me, there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing an artist – writer, illustrator, singer, instrumentalist, actor, director – absolutely killin’ it. Expressin’ their unique perspectives. Pushing the craft of choosing into uncharted territories. Tapping into the universal mainframe and sharing the findings with our small crevice of existence.

I believe that Tosin Abasi is one such artist.

Abasi is the man behind Animals as Leaders, a three-piece rock outfit whose tunes are a frothy frappe of metal, classical, jazz, and virtuosity-insanity. While I’m a drummer by trade, I’ve found myself watching video after video in which Abasi explains his approach to eight-string shreddin’.

Dude is a straight-up creative-madman.

Weightless is Animal as Leader’s second full-length, and it’s blowin’ my socks off. As a fan of progressive music, I can be quite jaded, but these dudes take an approach that even keeps me guessing.


Watchin’/The Muppets!

Who doesn’t love the Muppets? I think that if you don’t like these combination mop+puppets, your childhood probably included stints in broom closets and broken-Tamagotchi cry-sessions. In any case, The Muppets is lining up to be a truly rockin’ return to the Jim Henson Mindscape.

Take the classic characters, add a script by Jason Segel, the direction of James Bobin, and the musical direction of Bret “of the Conchords” Clement, and you’ve got a flick that’s guaranteed to warm hearts and bust guts.


Stuffin’ My Face With/Stuffing

Don’t put your fingers near my stuffing. They’re liable to get chomped on. Seriously.


Rockin’/Anonymous (Tomahawk)

A preface: I love Thanksgiving. I do. It’s awesome to gather around with friends and family, reminiscing about fond memories and creating fonder ones. It’s a welcome break from the stress of daily living, and an incredible way to open the holiday season.

With that being said, I think it’s worth remembering that the mythos of Thanksgiving is largely balogna. The Native Americans and Pilgrims might’ve been b-boys for a little while, but let’s not forget who bequeathed diseased blankets unto who. So, while we jam cheesecake-logs into our faces and lubricate our throat-pieces with liquor-toxins, let’s take an ill minute to think of the Native Americans.

I’m going to honor the Native Americans by blastin’ Anonymous. The final release by Mike Patton’s Tomahawk, the album consists of meticulously researched, craftily-reimagined Native American songs. No shit.

You might not think so, but I assure you that cranking this album in your car with the windows open is a good time.


As Spaceship Omega descends upon Planet Thanksgiving, I whisper reassurances to the Omnidimensional Creator that I’ll be okay. I’ve got a plan. I’ve got music to listen to and movies to watch and food to eat.

What do you have this week?