Space Station Omega: Press Pause!

Hello! How are you? ┬áThis week marked the end of my longest fucking semester ever, and I’m burnt like a mo’fuckah. You may have noticed the updates around these parts growing thinner and thinner as the winter turned into spring. This was in direct correlation with the workload I had on campus, the frying of my synapses, and the amount of tears I wept into my pillow as my boy-parts shriveled and decayed under constant duress. Shit culminated this week in the absence of an edition of Variant Covers, and for that I apologize.

I’m done though, fucking done! So I’m shutting my brain down for the weekend, starting now, and you’ll have to make due without me. I know it won’t be hard, I’ve barely been here anyways. So no Press Start!, and unless something calamitious or outstanding happens, I’m drinking Diet Mountain Dews and watching television until I shit and piss myself with glee.

Shit will be back to normal on Monday, and I wish you all a flushing of your genitals until we meet again.

[Coops or Rendar may be bringing their fury this weekend, I’m not sure. If they shall, you will be blessed, for they are my far superiors.]