Sony To Co-Finance Tarantino’s ‘Djano Unchained’, Will Smith To Get Jiggy?

It’s always crazy when Quentin Tarantino’s movies actually begin to feel real. Dude runs his mouth for years, and I nod, and nod, and nod. But  ‘Djano Unchained’ is getting fucking real! The news is swelling, with announcements that Sony is go co-finance this pig, and maybe, just maybe, the Fresh Prince will be getting jiggy in the flick.


The pieces are falling into place for Quentin Tarantino‘s new ‘Southern,’ Django Unchained. The Weinstein Company will have North American rights, and now Sonywill co-finance the production and handle international distribution in 2012. The key fact of Sony’s participation reportedly is the fact that Will Smith has his home at the studio. Quentin Tarantino really wants Will Smith to play Django, the slave who is freed by a German bounty hunter who needs Django to ID three slaver brothers. But is he actually going to take the role?

How do you guys feel about Smith up for the leading role? Initially I was all “Jesus fucking Christ, not Jiggy Fly guy.” It isn’t even as if I dislike Smith if he’s rolling out in one of his typical action roles, or bullshit comedic enterprises. I just couldn’t feel the dude in a Tarantino flick. However, cooler heads (and a stern talking to from OL regular Eduardo) have prevailed. Fuck, if Tarantino wants him, perhaps I should just roll with it. Right?