Monday Morning Commute: Flower Moon Horizon

Thank the Maker – April’s almost over! Here in New England, winters are absolutely brutal and I’m pretty sure that this last one has been the bleakest of my life. As such, April seemed like it’d be a great reprieve but it’s proven to be a fickle bitch – cold and rainy with just enough sunshine to keep the razor from my wrist. But once May hits the winter coats are traded for hooded sweatshirts and smiles are abound.

It’s true – scientists say so.

To get us through this final week of National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, let’s hop into the Monday Morning Commute – the shining piercing on the tip of the dong that is the workweek. I’m going to run you through the highlights of the upcoming seven days, and then you can do the same. It’s internet-buddy show-and-tell at its best. Or worst. You decide.

Let’s do this.


Rockin’/The Second Stage Turbine Blade (Live)

Tonight I have the privilege of seeing Coheed and Cambria perform The Second Stage Turbine Blade in its entirety. Coheed is one of my all-time favorite bands, having saved my life with their brand of heart-on-sleeve sci-fi rock more than once. It’s been a few years since I’ve made my way to one of their shows and I think it’s going to be a real treat to sing along to their debut album.

Hopefully I’m not the only dude tearing up while reliving all of the memories attached to this decade-old album.


Supportin’/Boston Comic Con

As much as I love Boston, it seems that the city never really gets the chance to host any worthwhile comics events. Well that shit ends this week, as the Boston Comic Con is lining up to be veritable juggernaut of fanboy dream-monsters. Some of the industry’s most respected creators are going to be in attendance, including Darwyn Cooke, Tim Sale, Neal Adams, and Frank Quitely. It’d be inane to pass up a chance to listen to the thoughts of such brilliant creative forces, especially when they’ll be in my backyard.


Contemplatin’/ 8 1/2

So I finally sat down and watched Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2 and I have to admit that I was blown away. While I’d heard nothing but good things about the movie, my inner-skeptic told me to be weary. Well, it looks like I have to stop listening to that cynical motherfucker, because 8 1/2 is goddamn legit.

The movie is concerned with mental metaphysics, examining how director Guido Anselmi goes about dealing with the cognitive implications of work, love, sex, marriage, and daily living. The viewer is guided through both Anselmi’s struggles to get his next picture up and running as well as the escapist fantasies into which he retreats.

I was expecting to enjoy   8 1/2 in a sort of distant, objective, “I can appreciate what the movie does even though I was bored while viewing,” sort of way. Fugg that. This movie is beautifully shot, enthralling, and hilarious. I’m hoping to watch this movie again as soon as possible.


So that’s my week. What’s yours look like?