Sega Announces ‘Sonic Generations’. Money Says Letdown.

Sega’s announced their next Sonic game that will at first get you excited, and then ultimately let you down, ‘Sonic Generations.’ The pig is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sonic, and it’s going to be a hybrid of old school gameplay and the more modern Sonic Adventure type bullshit.

Hit the jump for details, as well as the first gameplay video.


Sega’s next Sonic game, Sonic Generations, will let you play as classic, sidescrolling Genesis Sonic or as modern, control-him-from-behind-in-3D Sonic. You’ll control either Sonic in levels inspired by three eras of Sonic games, from the originals, to the Dreamcast era, to modern times.
No special powers. No playable friends. Sonic Team is doing development.

On Friday, I played new versions of the original game’s opening Greenhill stage , testing the classic and modern Sonic variations. As Classic Sonic, I ran from left to right, running and dashing. As modern Sonic, I was playing a three-dimensional game, running, jumping air-dashing, building a boost meter and tricking in the air. Both experiences were fun and felt true to their routes (though beware, reader, I grew up with a Super Nintendo, not a Genesis).

For the last decade or so, every time I get pumped for a Sonic game, it kicks me in the nuts. I’m excited for this one, I assume it’s going to kick me in the nuts.