Best Buy Adding Sales Desks and Trained Employees to Gaming Section. God No.

Oh fucking great! Listen, one of the perks of going to Best Buy to snag a motherfucking video game is my ability to navigate the aisles, snag my shit, and get the fuck out. No douchebags trying to sell me warranties on the disc, no fuckheads asking me if I want to preorder anything. It’s everything a trip to Gamestop isn’t. It appears all of that is about to change.


According  a recent presentation by the company, Best Buy plans to add employees and facilities to its retail stores to encourage game sales sometime this fiscal year. The big box store currently sits behind other retailers like GameStop and Walmart in gaming revenue, but hopes to turn that situation around by setting up game-focused employees and sales counters.

The employees will handle trade-ins and preorders, and be expected to sell “exclusive digital add-ons” as customers come in and pick up their games. Best Buy reportedly wants to push a “virtuous cycle,” where customers preorder games, buy the DLC at the store, and then use trade-in credits for another preorder as the cycle starts up again.

Fucking fiddlesticks. No, I don’t need a warranty, and I won’t preorder anything because you have five fucking thousand copies of it.