It’s fucking okay to get pumped up. To smile. If the Brothers Omega and P. Coop are to be known for anything, it’s hopefully our bridled hammer-fist enthusiasm for existence. One of the things I try to carry through by example! is a genuine excitement on the website.

Sure we piss and shit and sometimes smear the old fecal blast across the nose of someone who has annoyed us. Here’s looking at you, Zack Snyder! Yet, by and large, I’d say we’re the smiling goofball fuck-faces of the internet. Three working dudes who whittle away some time on the internets desirous of spinning the yarns de bullshit with people who share likeminded interests.

I speak of this past midnight on Friday morning, a mere eight hours before I must awaken, a mere twelve hours before I teach.

I want us to be the RAINBOWSOAKED-DEMENTIA-LADEN antithesis of every angsty preening website out there. Somewhere between fanboy hater and masturbatory glazen-nippled fanboy lover.

I speak of this because despite the aforementioned fatigue, I’m currently rocking out to new Between the Buried and Me whilst planning tomorrow’s class with a smile upon my face.

In front of me, a scholarly article.

In front of me, a scholar losing his cool with enthusiasm. Sergei Eisenstein, go ahead and get your fucking groove on, son! While speaking about Soviet Montage, he begins bubbling at the boner peak with the power of his editing technique.

“As, in a zigzag of mimicry, the mise-en-scene splashes out into a spatial zigzag with the same shattering. As the slogan, ‘All obstacles are vain before Russians,’ bursts out in the multitude of incident of War and Peace.”

I typed that just now, I read it four days ago, and I’ll teach it in half a day.

Eisenstein’s enthusiasm is something I empathize with. Bro is feeling it! Rock on, duder! Preach on!

“If the montage is to be compared with something, then a phalanx of montage pieces, of shots, should be compared to the series of explosions of an internal combustion engine, driving forward its automobile or tractor: for, similarly, the dynamics of montage serve as impulses driving forward the total film.”

Yeah son! Yeah! Own that shit.

I’m thinking it now, and I’ll tell my class later, that homeboy is a bit overzealous. That’s okay. I’m thinking it now, I’ve felt it for a long time, but there’s something to be said for unapologetic passion. I hope the kids think I’m fucking full of shit yet they secretly appreciate the sentiment.

If you’re feeling the beast, go ahead and ride the Dragon of Stokedosity. Grab onto my tale and we’ll fly away to a world of magical BUBBLE NUTS and RASPBERRY DELICIOUSEX.

Stay pumped, Cult Omega.