D.J. Caruso Talks ‘Preacher’, Shia LaBeouf Interested.

D.J. Caruso is directing Preacher. His previous works include stints on The Shield. Awesome. Disturbia. I liked it, I know fuck me. Eagle eye. Never saw it. And most recently, I Am Number Four. During the international press tour for I Am Number Four, he’s begun discussing this upcoming project. Most intriguing is the comment that Shia LaBeouf is interested in being in the Preacher movie, and dammit in a role that might just work.


Caruso was very insistent that casting hasn’t started and the script isn’t quite ready, but that he’s been getting a ton of texts and calls from people who want to join in. He said Chris Pine really wants to play Jesse, Shia LaBeouf wants to play Arseface and Alex Pettyfer wants to play the Saint of Killers.

Pine as Jesse is a no. Pettyfer as the Saint of Killers? Hard to type with all this banana-chunked puke covering my fingers. But LaBeouf as Arseface? I’d actually fucking love that.

On His Approach:

It is a crazy road trip and I think what’s amazing and what makes Sony so brave is they can see there’s a real universality to the story when you have good vs. evil. I think when you have these crazy characters, that are not necessarily politically correct, there’s something generally attractive to those characters and those elements. But at the end of the day it really is a story about good vs. evil and the decisions that you make. Whether the demons are going to win or whether the Genesis or the good inside of Jesse is going to be there. So I think there’s a great universality that makes the  movie commercial but at the same time it’s one of those that will shock you.

Everything about this project makes me think it’s going to collapse in on itself through a blackhole of suck. Yet, I’m trying to stay positive. Trying to ignore the  sacrilegious  nature and enormity of the script, and the potentially dubious casting choices.

It’s difficult.