Douche Psychologist Calls Gaming The ‘Silent Killer’

I’ve never heard of Steve Pope until today, but apparently he’s known in the gaming community. The dude is some douchebag psychologist, who in a past life was also a former drug addict. Today he’s getting publicity from us retarded, enabling websites for some bullshit he’s spouting about video games. Pope has used his wizard-like level of talent at being a fool to call gaming the “silent killer.”

“Spending two hours on a game station is equivalent to taking a line of cocaine in the high it produces in the brain,” said in a Pope BBC Radio 5Live interview. “It’s the silent killer of our generation.”

Oh shit! What exactly is a game station? Also, don’t bother to corroborate any of this ridiculous bullshit. I’d hate for you to have any neurological studies or anything like that. In that event you may not come off like a rambling fuckatron.

“We’re now onto second generation game station players who have always grown up with it,” he added. “Computer game addiction can also spiral into violence — as after playing violent games, they may turn their fantasy games into reality. ┬áIt is the fastest growing addiction in the country and this is affecting young people mentally and physically”

Hell yeah we’re onto the second generation of game station players! Wait, what is a game station again? I’m going to assume you’re talking about video game players. Why are fucking assholes still talking about the dangers of video games like they’re anymore of a threat than the abuse of other mediums by mouthbreathing fuckfaces without proper parenting? Pope, can’t you go hearken back to the old days? You should start rambling about the dangers of movie theaters. They’re dark, they’re dingy! They encourage licentious behavior in our daughters!

You know what’s dangerous in the hands of someone mentally unstable? Movies. Music. Books. Paintings. Anything, really. I’m not saying that video games can’t create assholes with no sense of reality. Yet personally I’m more worried about our fucking youth getting caught up in oxycontin and meth and drinking and unsafe sex. That’s just me. Maybe I’m wrong. I used to work in a convenience store on Friday evenings and all sorts of adolescent and teenage kids would come in. Not once did i think “Oh gee, they’re seriously fucked on video games.” Instead it was more like “That kid has eyes like the Devil’s anus, and he’s buying blunt wrappers from me.”

It’s cool though. Denial. Deferral. We’d hate to look at the real issues.