Trent Reznor Is Scoring And Acting In ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’. Awesome Bomb.

It’s still a bit of a mind-warp to contemplate that Trent Reznor won a fucking Oscar. Seeing him tanned and in a tuxedo was a trip for me, since I grew up watching him caterwauling into microphones about fucking people like animals and boring holes into heads and shit. However, this is even fucking crazier. Trent Reznor is going not only be composing the score for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, he’s going to be acting in it.

Bad Ass Digest Reports:

Sources tell me that Reznor will be providing the score to the film adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter — and he’ll be appearing as the vampire who kills Lincoln’s mom, as well.

Definitely not something I could have seen coming. The flick is based off a novel of the same name, which seemed to surf the bullshit glory geek boner for shit like Pride and Prejudice And Undead Dudes or whatever. I wasn’t really feelin’ the movie in any direction, but this may be just enough to get me to sit through it. That, and of course, the allure of Abraham Lincoln killing fucking vampires in a thinly veiled political allegory.

Still though, Reznor takes my anticipation up a notch. Now this film is on my radar.