Radio Free Omega: Disgust, Disqus!

What up, felons. While Omega is by no means an enormous website, we have a certain collective of warped folks who have been inextricably sucked into our orbit. It’s with them in mind that I blather on momentarily about a totally new shiny thing we’re trying out. After jerking off to it at Slashfilm and Iheartchaos, I decided we could give the Disqus comments plugin they both use a try over here.

You don’t have to register for shit. You can still post using your email address. But should you choose to snag a Disqus account, you can pimp everything out with an avatar and the such. Theoretically, it’ll be a lot doper for communicating. We can reply to one another within the comments thread without an “@” or whatever. Sleeker. Plus we can jerk one another off by clicking the “Like” button. On, you don’t have a penis, you’re labia-bound? We can totally e-finger as well.

Was that too crude?



I hope you’re all on board.

Should it crash and burn, we’re also not too proud to revert back to the old bullshit.