D.J. Caruso Confirms In A Tweet That He’s Directing ‘Preacher’

It was rumored, now it’s confirmed. D.J. Caruso is going to direct Preacher. The magical blathering mind behind Disturbia and Eagle Eye is now going to handle one of my top ten favorite comic book series of all time. Well fuck. First Baz Luhrmann does the inexplicable in announcing that he’s taking Gatsby to the world of Goofy Glasses and Gimmicky Bullshit. Now this.

Caruso announced it in a tweet today.

My deal just closed on Preacher. Going back to the dark side and pretty fucking pumped!

Fuck me sideways. Collapsing a seventy-five issue comic book series into several (I think there’s several planned) movies seems  fool hearty. Especially a series filled with murdering God, eating scat off of fists, beating the groin of a KKK member into a bloody mush and more.  Giving it to the dude whose muse (okay this probably unfair) is Shia LaDouche? Goddammit. I did notice that Caruso directed some issues of The Shield, so maybe there’s hope. Maybe. Color me preemptively depressed.

Thoughts? Impressions?