Taco Bell Has Exclusive Marvel Comics! Fat Pants Get!

Do completionist douchebag asshole geeks still exist? I’m going to say Yes!, but I’m not fucking certain. But if you douchebag completionists are out there, get ready to head down to Taco Bell! That’s right! Put on your fat kid sweatpants, beat back the fear that you’re a creepy virgin pedophile, and get ready to order some kids’ meals!

What sort of shit can you look forward to? Hit the jump!

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Well there you go! I really wish that Marvel drummed up some original villains for this shit, inspired by Taco Bell. You could have Burritoburst, The Wonder Colon! Or other thinly veiled references at how Taco Bell gives you explosive shits! I love me some Taco Bell, I love me some Marvel comic books. I think I need to do some On The Street reporting about this shit.