PETA Super Bowl Ad Has Chicks Licking Cucumbers. Like, Seriously.

PETA’s making waves with their banned Super Bowl advertisement. It’s a bunch of chicks like, licking eggplants and getting sexy with cucumbers and lettuce and shit. Normally, I’m a retarded horn dog. I’ll cop to that. For some reason though, PETA fucking annoys me. They can be all about loving animals and not wanting me to eat my fucking KFC QUASI-MEAT, right? Cause that’s terrible. But they have no problem objectifying women in this commercial.

Just chicks, licking and rubbing and acting sensually with vegetables. It’s absurd, and hilarious, and stupid. I’m generally of the mindset that everyone is always objectifying everything. It’s just how it goes. There’s probably a huge philosophical explanation I could put behind this, but I’m too lazy. Just read some Althusser and he’ll explain it better than me. I just find it amusing that an organization that dedicates so much time to protecting animals doesn’t mind using tired and what some would call exploitative cultural tropes to do so.

Check out the video after the break.