Those fucking Windows 7 advertisements all TO THE CLOUD suck my ass. However, I am not an opponent of the CLOUD. I do not fight it. Or hate it. Thusly, I’m pretty fucking stoked that a future PS3 update will TAKE PLAYSTATION GAME SAVES TO THE FUCKING CLOUD.


According to a  recent report from Kotaku, unnamed sources in the game development community have received notifications from Sony telling of a feature which will be incorporated into PS3 firmware update 3.60: Cloud storage for saved games. According to the report, the feature (called “Online Saving”) gives developers the opportunity to let players set up their save files on a remote server, preserving the precious, precious space on their own hard drives, and allowing players to access save data from multiple consoles.

These developers also reportedly explained that the feature will only be made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, or, as they’ll henceforth be called, the “Save File Insured.” This report sounds fairly believable — remote storage was one of  the rumored features of PlayStation Plus before its reveal, and there was also  that Sony trademark for “PS Cloud” back in 2009. We’ve contacted Sony for a comment on this report.

Oh, HOLD THE FUCK ON. I have to pay money to TAKE TO THE CLOUD with my saved games? Well, I suppose it makes sense. TAKING MY SAVED GAMES TO THE CLOUD would, in fact, be the first thing I’d ever consider spending money on PlayStation Plus for. Fuckers. All smart. About me. And money. AND THE CLOUD.

*[When I typed in “TO THE FUCKING CLOUD” in Google, that picture came up in Search Results. Too amazing not to use.]