Steampunk Palin Is A Real Comic Book. Latex Horror Genre Rape.

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Steampunk Palin is a real comic book. It’s really real. Steampunk Palin is a real comic book. It’s really real. It also features Robama. Yep. A robotic Obama.

Chris Murphy at Comics Alliance bites the bullet and ingests the comic so we don’t have to:

The story starts in the near future, in the immediate aftermath of a war that has destroyed all the Earth’s oil. A new power source is needed, and Sarah Palin steps forward to suggest steam power as a replacement. A conglomerate consisting of big oil and nuclear power interests makes a counterproposal by blowing her up with a bomb at the meeting where she suggests this.

Let me step back for a second and point out that in order to make  steam power you boil water and turn it into steam to power your generators, and that nuclear power, oil and natural gas are some of the most common heat sources used to do that. Anyway, back to crazyland.

Six months later Sarah Palin wakes up to find that she now has body more than half made of robot parts. Powered by steam. It’s unclear how exactly they’re steam-powered. She mostly looks like Cyborg of the  Teen Titans.

Obama blew up in the explosion too, and is now part machine and called “Robama.” By the way, the guy talking to him is John McCain and he has a robot arm.

Anyway, they network a bunch of robots that can be controlled by Palin’s robot body and they all go off to save the world from the evil oil/nuke organization. And of course the Russians, who, as Robama informs us, have assembled a force along their border with Alaska.

I don’t know how this comic book came to fruition, but I’m so grateful it did. It’s absurd. I’ll never read it, but dammit some people got to make money writing a comic book about a robotic Obama and a steampunk Sarah Palin. No snark at all, I would love to have that fucking job.

Get more in-depth at Comics Alliance. You’re welcome.