Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced; Here’s The Trailer.

Final Fantasy XIII is getting a sequel. Art thou prepared?  I spent too many hours last year in a blind rage over Final Fantasy XIII to get into it again. But! There’s always a but, isn’t there? Let’s just say this: whether it was that the game sucked, or I was simply tired of the same tropes that used to thrill me, or a combination of the both, I hated the game. I seethed while playing it, and blistered my fingers ranting about it to friends.

I don’t pretend my opinion is ever the word of God (or someone smart), and in this case I know a lot of people who enjoyed it, and for them, this is probably pretty exciting. Or they’re pretending they’re on some sort of artistic high ground and reject the notion of a sequel.

Whatever the case, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is coming.

Hit the jump for the trailer.