Kraken Rum Makes Me Want To Be An Alcoholic. [Video.]

Kraken Rum? Fucking awesome. Who hasn’t yelled UNLEASH THE KRAKEN this year? Don’t you feel totally bad ass doing it? Oh, you haven’t, and you think I’m a dildo? Frak. Anyways, Kraken Rum is my newest inspiration to begin drinking again. Their advertisements are clearly dedicated to fantasy geeks like me. Within the forty seconds or so, there’s power metal, tough dudes, sweet mustaches, and mythical creatures. How the hell can you not want to get hammered watching this ad?

Check it out after the break.

Hell yeah! Now I’m ready to drink! Yesterday my Futuro-Wife was talking about how shitty pop songs made her want to party before she regained her senses. Like a condescending asshole (I have like infinity points in the Douchebag Tree [WoW reference]), said something like “I’m sorry you’re a retarded retard.” On our anniversary no less.

Not even a day later, and I’m a hypocrite. This advertisement works, man! I want to drink. Preferably while playing Warcraft with no pants on, and an epic sword strapped to my back. Who is with me! What say you?!