Satellite Omega Back To Broadcast The Mind Rape!

Droogies! What the fuck is up? Caffeinated Powered straight up on your grill piece tonight. You may have noticed the lack of updates as of lately? To be honest, you probably haven’t. To the two dedicated followers: what the fuck is up? How was your holiday season? Was Jesus Claus kind to you? Word? Excellent. Glad to hear it.

My holiday days were marked by time spent with family, friends, and material excess that would blow your asshole off its hinges. I haven’t even frequented the internet since Friday evening, and it felt fucking great. I shouldn’t say that when I know that traffic is GOD and traffic is generated through content. But what can you do? I feel fucking fresh. Haven’t done school work in a week. Ripped to the tits off of caffeine, spending good time talking mush-mouth nonsense with Rendar.

You get the two of us in a house together and it isn’t going to amount to much.

We broke the best month ever a couple of weeks ago. Shit is going swimmingly. The end of the year is approaching, but if I have anything to say about it, 2011 will be looking very Omega. Latex porn references! Juvenility! Can’t stop! Wont’ stop.

So yeah, token filler bullshit post, letting you know that Us Three Invalids haven’t gone anywhere. I know the Coop is currently in his homestate, Frakenstein is ingesting ludicrous amounts of coffee and Twain autobio, and myself? I’m here, I’m queer, love me!   I’ve been spending time with Ms. Caffeine Powered. But she’s returning to work tomorrow, having stayed home today for Snowpocalypse 2010. So it’s all systems go tomorrow. Guard your asshole, say your prayers, and shake your head.

Xoxoxo Assholes,

Lieutenant Puerile.