Oh Hell Yeah: Paul Dano to Play a Time-Traveling Hitman in LOOPER

Is there a 2011 movie I’m more excited about than Rian Johnson’s Looper? No, dummy. Johnson’s one of the most original and exciting new directors to come along in years. His 2006 debut Brick is infinitely rewatchable and quickly became one of my favorite movies. 2008’s Brothers Bloom was a hit or miss with critics, but I loved it. Johnson’s a master of toying with genre and as a HUGE noir/crime/con movie fan I can appreciate anyone who comes at it fresh and original. With his first two films he covered the hardboiled detective film and the con film. With Looper, my man’s going sci-fi.

Looper is a “dark, violent sci-fi thriller revolving around time travel.” Paul Dano joins Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a Looper, a “low-level hitmen paid to murder people sent back from the future by organized crime bosses.” (via Playlist) Also signed on for the film is Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt. The addition of Dano pleases me. Anyon who can go toe-to-toe with Daniel Day Lewis needs to be in more awesome movies.

Shooting begins early next year in Louisiana so don’t expect to see Looper in theaters until late next year. Can’t f’ing wait.