Dude Is Selling Dragonball GT For the PS1 For $7,000. If You Buy This, You’re An Asshole.

Some asshole on eBay is selling a copy of Dragonball GT for a lot of money. Like, a lot of money to the tune of $7,000. That’s seven-thousand Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, yo. A lot of beef. And patty. Why the high price? Apparently it’s all rare and shit.


Released in 1997, this fighting game is allegedly pretty rare. In fact, the seller increased his original selling price after estimating that a mere fifty sealed copies of the game existed in the United States. Back in the day, around 10,000 copies made it Stateside and it was incredibly sought after even back in the day.

The good news is that this seller isn’t the biggest asshole in the world. Who is it? The biggest asshole in the world is the fucking dildo who takes this schmuck up on his offer. Seriously. I mean, there are games I would pay a good amount for. Take Panzer Dragoon Saga. The difference is that “a good amount for” is something like $300. Not the $900 sealed copy. And I still don’t do that, because I’m   broke like woah. So don’t do it, tempted Dragondouche fanboys. For the love of God, don’t.