Frank Teran’s Force Unleashed II Concept Art Justifies Game’s Existence

Browsing over at Super Punch today (god damn it, read it already!), I came across a link to a bunch of artwork by Frank Teran. I had been ignorant to the existence of Teran prior to about forty minutes ago, but it is officially love at first sight (of gorgeously painted lightsaber).

I haven’t played either Force Unleashed game. I heard the first one wasn’t worth sixty-bucks, and then despite getting like totally stoked! for the second one because of some trailers, I heard the similar refrain: decent. Well! A sequel is totally justified in my mind, if alone for these works of sexy Sith glory. Hit the jump to check out Teran’s gallery of Force Unleashed concept art, and by the good lord, give his website a visit too.