Bruce Wayne Drops Bat-Bomb Reveal In Today’s Batman & Robin #16

Alright, so I’ve sinned. I began coming across a lot of the inter-chatter on Twitter and comic book websites regarding a megaton bomb that drops today in B&R #16. So, despite having not read it – Pepsibones is snagging the OL log today – I cheated and looked it up. My impressions? Eh! Not really blown away, but that doesn’t mean I object. Hit the jump for the spoiler!, and my take.

Well then! I would have thought that Bruce Wayne being back unto itself was a spoiler! I mean, he hasn’t officially returned in Batman: Return of the Time-Surfing Bruce Wayne, which comes out next week and all. But no siree, the big reveal is that Bruce Wayne is funding the god damn Batman! When I heard the news, I expected him to announce he was Batman. A bit of a sidestep, but nonetheless it’s an interesting announcement.

At the same time, I don’t really feel the super-ripples that people are making it out to be. Like, you know, in the Associated Press and shit. Wayne funds Batman? Okay. Maybe I’m just jaded since there’s always big reveals about public identities being tied to their cowls, and the what-not. For example, there was Spider-Man’s reveal a couple of years ago, and everything.

Thoughts? Impressions? Hit me.