Search Engine Terms: Bible Thumpers Are Finding Us

[Search Engine Terms come from an app in the Word Press dashboard. It tells you the terms that people are using in google to lead to your site. Most of ours are ultra depraved and horrible. And amusing to sick people like me.]

Yesterday, I posted about Rob Liefeld’s awesome take on a particular bible verse: Matthew 27:51-52. You know, Zombie Jesus and shit. Since then, said verse has been trending in the search terms that bring people here.

Oh Jesus.

Maybe the people are searching for it, because of Zombie Jesus, and coming here. But if they aren’t? I almost feel remorseful. Just a good God-fearing bible thumper wanting to brush up on some verse. Then they stumble across this Den of Debauchery. If we’re not enough to send a b-boy of Christ into a Eucharist binge, I don’t know what would be. I can picture then just smashing Christbody wafers between teeth, frantically rattling off Hail Marys.

I almost feel bad. Then I giggle.