Watch Chris Samnee Draw Batman In Crazy Time; Gorgeous Artwork Ahoy.

Chris Samnee’s artwork on Thor: The Mighty Avenger is some of my favorite work in years. I hadn’t been drawn to the artist prior to this title, out of both ignorance and stupidity. But his lighthearted approach matches Roger Langridge’s scripts perfectly, and every panel seems to bleed the whimsical, expansive world of T:TMA. With that in mind, I was pretty stoked to come across this video over on Comics Alliance. This video is sped-up, but his actual work took only twenty-seven minutes. A feat apparently accomplished because, like me, Samnee is a Caffeine Warrior. A much, much, much more talented Caffeine Warrior, but nonetheless.

Comics Alliance:

Ever since I witnessed Thor: The Mighty Avenger artist Chris Samnee confess to downing inhuman amounts of coffee on a regular basis at this past summer’s Comic Twart panel at HeroesCon, I feel like I’ve had a better understanding of his equally inhuman art output (The man gets pages done!).

Amazing. Hit the jump to check out Samnee’s super-fast Batman drawing. And if you haven’t check out The Mighty Avenger already. For the love of god(s of Asgard).