Marty McFlies Again!; Michael J. Fox Recreates Back To The Future Trailer Shot-For-Shot

Oh shiz! One of my favorite time killers between friends is to give Pepsibones and the programmer of this site, Senor Pedophilia a hard time when it comes to the Back to the Future sequels. Namely, I point out that they fucking suck. They recoil, and repel my aspersions. Time goes on. We chuckle. Hidden underneath that is the fact that I fucking love the original movie. A love I have to bury, lest it come into hurting my assholery.

But!, today burning up the internets is Back to the Future hotness. Michael J. Fox has recreated the Back To The Future trailer, shot-for-shot to promote the 2010 Scream Awards on Spike. God bless the nostalgia that will run down your spine, should you have been lucky enough to experience McFly back in the day.

Hit the jump for the nostalgic recreation, and the original for comparison.