Holy Funk: Duke Nukem Forever Officially Confirmed At PAX

It was rumored, and now it’s confirmed. Duke Nukem Forever is going to hit the stands. When? I don’t know, but it’s really going to happen. The white whale of my teenage years, into my early adulthood, after being canceled, has been saved. By those talented motherfuckers at Gearbox Studios. It’s almost surreal. I’m going full-on purple priapism over this.


2K Games has made it official. Duke Nukem Forever is alive and, well, in the hands of developer Gearbox Software, confirming our earlier reports that the Borderlands studio was helping to complete the game’s absurdly long development cycle.

The publisher announced this morning in advance of PAX 2010 that Gearbox Software was on the job, picking up where developer 3D Realms left off. Gearbox plans to ship the game within the next year, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal–the WSJ says both “next year” and “currently expected to ship in 2010.”

I am weeping uproariously at this prospect. It’s something out of fanboy wet dreams. Like, what are the chances that a classic 1990’s gaming franchise is pronounced dead after a god damn decade, only to be revived by one of the more prominent and popular gaming studios of the past few years?

It’s a beautiful world.